Latest Updates on New social features and new avatars!

Share your avatar with the world

You can now share your super crazy avatar on your other social networks (currently Facebook, Google+ — yes some people still use that — and Twitter). It looks like this:

Share your avatar

My super cool avatar

And like that on social media:

Random caption, in French

And if you click on the link, you’ll be redirected to a dedicated interface with a preview of your avatar — no regsitration needed 😉

Avatar preview

Share your 3D space with the world

And guess what? You can also share your 3D space on social media too!

I love Boo & Buddy

Invite your friends to join you on Beloola

This is a basic social feature we’d totally forgotten to add to our platform. It’s now available when searching for other users!

New anonymous access

Many users told us we were too strict about registration and that it would be better to let anonymous users have a better preview of the features of the platform. We’ve also changed the look of anonymous avatars.

New Anonymous Avatars

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