Selfie, Embed & New Home Page – Latest Updates on Beloola

We’ve just pushed some brand new features to the platform including a selfie button (yes, a selfie button!), the ability for users to share an 360° embed of their 3D space and we also updated our home page — ok that’s not exactly a “feature”, but it’s still sexy though.

Home page: new video background

We wanted something suggesting more proper use cases like:

  • Going nuts with other fans while watching a 49ers game,
  • Purchasing a San Francisco Giants cap in the SF Giants virtual fandome,
  • Enjoying a live Boiler Room session in a virtual venue,
  • Carefully listening to a lesson given by an eminent professor in a virtual Stanford University classroom,
  • Watching e-sports with other avatars,
  • And other cool stuff.
New Beloola Home Page

Nice job Vincent!

Embed your 3D space

You can now embed a 360° preview of your 3D space and share it on your website or your blog. It’s basically a 360° embed of the cubemap of your space so unfortunately it doesn’t include video screens yet. And yes it is pretty blurry to keep it as light as possible. We will work on that — and why not integrate VRchive to Beloola (they are cool guys and their product is awesome, trust us).

Here’s how it looks like:

Hold the mouse click on the preview or use the arrows to look around. Yes like on Facebook. Pretty cool isn’t it?

Take a selfie

Is it useful? We don’t know. But at least it’s funny. Especially with the horsehead! Ok it’s still very basic and you can not share it on Instagram for now but only on Facebook. We will improve it further on (selfie stick? filters like on Instagram? any other ideas?)

Damn I love this horsehead!

Invite friends to get extra Beelz

Every friend you invite who registers to Beloola gets you 100 Beelz to spend in the avatar customisation interface!

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