Latest Updates on, Including Portals

We’ve just pushed some new cool stuff on our website this morning: new home page, new content, new welcome space, portals and multi-user video. Let’s dig in.


We felt like our previous home page was a little bit too enigmatic and did not tell enough about Beloola so our UI/UX designer worked on something new. Ok, you might get across some random spelling and I personally apologize. We will fix this as soon as possible. Anyway, this is what it now looks like:

New Home Page Beloola

Nice job Vincent!

We kept going with the video backgrounds. It looks nice and it also gives a pretty nice overview of the platform and its features. As you can see below, the sign up process is much more straight to the point, and you are now able to register with both your Facebook and Google+ accounts.


Content featured on our platform

Our home page also features some of the latest 3D spaces designed by our artistic staff but also our community of users. There’s some appealing new stuff up there: SF Giants, Gap, Boost VC



Builder tool overview

Oh by the way, the rendering is obviously much better on the website than on the .gifs I just shared in this article (:

Tim aka grumpy cat was here

Tim aka grumpy cat was here



We figured out that our previous first user experience process was way too random. A user would register and be redirected to an empty new 3D space — the one the user actually owns, but most of the time he / she wouldn’t even be aware of it. This was totally wrong because it left most of the time a very bad first impression about our social platform — and it’s exactly because it is meant to be social that it should never look like an empty place.

That’s why we created a brand new ‘Welcome Space’ to give a sneak peek of the contents and topics that are already available on Beloola. The ‘Welcome Space’ is also accessible from the button at the left of the ‘Post’ button in the upper tool bar.

We’ve also created portals to access other 3D spaces. The avatar walks through the portal and the user is instantly redirected to the 3D space linked with the portal item. Easy as pie.



This new feature enables a user to broadcast synchronized videos in its 3D space: all other users who are in this 3D space at the same time will experience the same content.

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